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Toshiba provide an extensive range of supplementary products to compliment the range of core products we manufacture. From a vast range of products which utilise ‘Air to Water technology’ such as the Estia or VRF boiler system, ‘DX Type Air Curtains’ through to ‘Air to Air heat exchangers’ or indeed ‘Air Handling Unit Connection Kits’ Toshiba have a solution to integrate these auxiliary products with our energy efficient range of Air Conditioning Systems and comprehensive range of outdoor units.

Air to Air Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger operating principle is to use heat recovered from exhaust air to temper (pre-warm) the fresh air coming into the building, which helps to reduce the overall load and potentially size of the air conditioning equipment required to maintain set point within the building. The air to air heat exchanger offers a highly efficient way of providing fresh air and extract air to a building and can help comply with building regulations.

Air Curtains

The Air Curtain is used to separate one environment from another where either doors are left open, or when automatic doors frequently open due to high traffic levels. It creates a “curtain” of moving air that is blown over the opening of a doorway. The invisible “wall” will not allow air to flow through it.

AHU Interface Panels

AHU Panels enable the connection of Third Party Air Handling Units with a DX Coil(s) to Toshiba light Commercial Digital Inverter, Super Digital Inverter and VRF outdoor units.

Toshiba Price List - January 2017

Complete Toshiba Air Conditioning Price List

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Toshiba Price List - January 2017
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