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Toshiba offer different control solutions to meet end users and designers expectations. From local individual control and settings to computer based TCC link network, all indoor units can be programmed and set to suit the operational needs. Remote control systems offer a wide range of features including schedule timers, diagnostic functions, power meter, input/output signals, to name a few.

Toshiba offer a number of Local Control products that can be used to control a single Indoor Unit, or group of up to 8 Indoor Units, from a position adjacent to that Indoor Unit or group. It is possible to install these Local Controllers up to 500m from
the connected indoor unit which allows greater flexibility when designing the installation. This also provides the opportunity to install the local controller in an area removed from the connected indoor unit, for example, common use areas where the indoor unit operation should not be changed by local users but may need to be monitored by a site engineer from a Control Room.

There are two different types of Local Remote Controller currently available from Toshiba, these are:

  • The Wired Remote Controller which is the standard local control device suitable for most applications and
  • The Wireless Remote Controller which consists of a universal handset that can be purchased with a choice of 4 different wireless receiver units that are specifically designed to suit different Indoor unit model types.

Toshiba Price List - January 2017

Complete Toshiba Air Conditioning Price List

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Toshiba Price List - January 2017
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