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Nominal Cooling Range: 2.5 kW to 10.0 kW

Toshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in 1981 and sincethen it has always maintained a technological advantage over its competitors. The development of the new and
exclusive DC hybrid inverter system has reaffirmed this ability to innovate and maintain technological leadership in a fast-growing market. But for Toshiba, innovation alsomeans a strong commitment to international institutions that carefully evaluate the impact of new technologies on
our environment.

One Touch Comfort

Pre-programmed settings studied by Toshiba technicians in order to offer the right combination of comfort and energy savings.

Comfort Sleep

The unit will create the best comfort levels while you are sleeping. The temperature will be increasedby one degree after one hour and another one degree after two hours. After that it will stay at this temperature until morning.

Eco Mode

Raises or lowers temperature automatically and prevents excessive cooling to reduce energy consumption.

Indoor Freeze Protection

By running the air conditioner at the low-heat setting during the winter season, the indoor temperature is kept at about 8°C reducing the chance that water may freeze inside the pipes of the building. The base plate of the outdoor unit is provided with a heater to prevent the drain water from freezing.

Self Cleaning

Toshiba’s self-cleaning function is designed to reduce the humidity that causes mould to forminside an air-conditioning unit. This advanced, efficient system reduces moisture in the coils and is activated when the air conditioner is switched off; the internal fan operates for 20 minutes, dries the moisture in the coil and then turns off automatically.

Power Select Mode

This feature helps make today’s lifestyle more comfortable as it offers the benefit of saving electricity. The power selection mode is first set at 100%, indicating the compressor operation at its normal rated current. When set at 75%, the compressor will limit the operation to 75% of the rated current. Similar action is performed when set at 50%. Maximum benefit is achieved at the lower percentage setting, resulting in higher electricity saving.


This mode allows the user to set their most preferred settings and to restore all of them at the simple touch of a button. Functions that can be memorized in the Preset Mode are: Operating Mode, Temperature, ON/ OFF Timer Setting (including Repeat Timer), Louver setting, Fanspeed (including Auto Fan Speed), Hi-Power, Eco and Quiet operation.

The Ultimate Expression Of Inverter Technology

Toshiba DC hybrid inverter technology controls the capacity supplied by the air conditioner. By modifying the supply current frequency or intensity, it ensures smooth linear variation of the rotation speed and capacity of the compressor - the heart of the air conditioner. This allows the cooling and heating
capacities to be matched to the actual operating conditions required. When the room temperature is different from the set point, the air conditioner operates at maximum capacity, ensuring that a comfortable temperature will be reached
quickly. Once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter precisely adjusts the capacity to maintain a temperature close to the set point.

Toshiba Price List - January 2017

Complete Toshiba Air Conditioning Price List

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Toshiba Price List - January 2017
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