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RAV Commercial Split Systems

Nominal Cooling Range: 3.5 kW to 25.0 kW

Toshiba Digital and Super Digital Inverter systems deliver exceptional operating savings in extremely compact units. With state-of-the-art technologies, flexible controls and flexible installation they bring comfort and convenience.

Digital and Super Digital Inverters

When the Inverter becomes Digital

The technology of the Digital Inverter control module ensures optimised reproduction of the supply sine wave at the desired frequency, in order to reduce inefficient harmonics that inverters normally emit.

Digital Inverter

Toshiba Digital Inverter brings state-of-the-art inverter technology to the commercial sector, offering considerable advantages in terms of capacity, energy savings and optimised control, utilising the smallest physical dimensions and lightest range of outdoor units in the industry.

Super Digital Inverter

The Super Digital Inverter uses the same technology as the digital inverter but benefits from extended pipe runs, providing the best efficiency part load conditions performance in the industry in cooling and heating mode. In most applications, these systems can reduce the Seasonal Energy Consumption. The variable capacity management of the compressor allows the Digital and Super Digital Inverter to maintain room temperature control and to ensure minimum energy wastage.

With the continuous improvement of the inverter control system, Toshiba offers vector control for its DC hybrid inverter, which enhances system efficiency and reduces noise levels.

High-tech elements include improved coils, high precision components and higher refrigerant compression thanks to redesigned compression channels.

Super Digital and Digital Inverter systems are capable of satisfing applications that require cooling at low operating conditions down to -15 °C, while powerful heating capacities are possible at –20 °C outdoor temperature. The enhanced Ecodriving
DC twin-rotary compressor delivers stable performance with extremely low rotor friction, making it ideal for noisesensitive areas.

Triple Coil Heat Exchanger

The Inverter outdoor unit condensing coils ensures maximum capacity and efficiency in the smallest footprint by using triple coil heat exchanger.

A Powerful Breeze

Fan blades have been designed to reduce turbulence with “anti-eddy“ protuberance structures and reverse curved profile. In this way, despite a more compact coil, airflow has been increased and sound power decreased.

R22 Replacement

Thanks to the filter positioned in the refrigerant circuit, the SDI & DI systems, equipped with R410A refrigerant, can re-use pipework designed for R22, R407C and other common refrigerants. High-mesh filters and stable lubricant oil against chloride compounds, combined with high-tech Toshiba controller intelligence, are key to making SDI and DI units suitable for reuse of existing piping. This solution offers significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency and economy.

Toshiba Price List - January 2017

Complete Toshiba Air Conditioning Price List

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Toshiba Price List - January 2017
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